Psychospiritual facilitating is a therapeutic discipline within Transpersonal Psychology. From a transpersonal point of view there is more to us than just body, mind and emotions; something else which cannot be measured or weighed a Higher Self; a super-consciousness, a soul, an inner voice whatever we choose to call it.

We can contact our Higher Self if we are in need of guidance, knowledge, and transformation of repressed emotions. The Higher Self decides with unconditional love and wisdom what should be released and what should be understood about the process.

By accessing memories of past experiences you release previously bound energy and the unconscious becomes conscious.

The contact to the Higher Self takes place in an altered state of consciousness
in a different time, in a different place while at the same time remaining fully conscious.

Assisted by your Higher Self you will reach a deeper understanding of what is true for you here in life. In my role as facilitator it is my job to sit next to you and encourage you to discover that all the answers you will ever need are inside yourself.

The therapy is not founded in any particular religious or spiritual direction.

Yes, in your own.

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"If you can dream it, you can do it."
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