Books that I can recommend on transpersonal psychology and related topics

  • The cosmic game, The Inner Journey, I, II, and III, The stormy search of the self - Stanislav Grof
  • Spiritual emergency - Stanislav and Christina Grof
  • Emergency of the devine child - Rick Philips
  • Chris Griscom - many books about the topic
  • Vibrational Healing - Richard Gerber
  • Vibrational medicine - Richard Gerber
  • Power of the myth - Joseph Campell
  • Regression Therapy Vol. 1 and 2 - Winafred Blake Lukas
  • Healing the child within - Charles Whitfield
  • Jung's Psycology and Tibetan Buddhism - Radmilla Moacanin
  • Miracle of Mindfullness - Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Transpersonal Psychologies - Charle Tart
  • Transpersonal Psychotharapy - Seymour Boorstein
  • Dancing in the light - Shirly Maclaine


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"We are not human beings learning to be spiritual; we were always spiritual beings -and we are learning to be human."
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