The sessions last two to three hours each and take place over four days.

To be able to fulfill my role as facilitator I will be interested in hearing about where you are in your life at the moment, how your life has been
and is work wise, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

The next thing that happens is that you lie down on a couch and I stimulate a set of acupuncture points called "Windows of the Sky". This will promote your contact to your higher consciousness.

Then I guide you to go on a journey within where you experience symbolic, mythological, dream-like stories or re-live episodes from this, past or future life times.

To most people it is like watching an inner video, like dreaming while awake. You are fully conscious and at the same time in contact with your Higher Self.

Heavy emotional themes such as anger, guilt, shame, addiction, resignment, perfectionism, or vulnerability will be healed and transformed at a deep, fundamental level   during this process.

You can also use the sessions to reach a deeper understanding of health problems, to see where your true path lies in life, to obtain a closer contact to the spiritual, to understand your relationship with another person or situation
Higher Self is always there for you with infinite love, wisdom, and understanding of your needs.

I recommend that you take off the entire day from work during all four days. It is a process that works at a very deep level and it requires
and deserves your full attention and presence of mind.

Price: 1350 US dollars

Testimonies from some of my clients (source: My book "The Blue Angel"):

Anna, 35 years: "It made me realize that my present life is not about building up more and more layers, but about peeling more and more layers off to be able to rejoice in the simple essence of life"

Ingrid, 51 years: "When I was with Peter I was also low priority
I put everyone else before me. What I discovered about the sweet girl was that I am meant to be a gift. Never again shall I put myself last. Never again."

Michael, 29 years: "I have realized that I don't need to work miracles or become a great leader to fulfill my life assignment. It is the small things in life that matter."

Christina, 52 years: "Now I understand that the light has always been here and it was I who was unable to connect with it. I tried to no avail in so many different ways and all along I had but to look within myself and ask for it."

Aresta Sangria, 55 years: "I've realized that everything that happens in my life is positive. Even if it seems negative, it is there for me to grasp and I must look within myself and understand what it is that makes it so painful, why and how I can transform it."

Elisabeth, 46 years: "Being ill may very well be the only way in which I was finally able to embrace life, to accept my being here."

Minna Margrethe, 37 years: "In the moment when you dare let go of all the things that are not important, you create space for the essentials in life.
For that which matters most of all."

The Jetta grotto, Libanon

"The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears" 
- Minquass