I have produced and released four CD's with guided meditations (in Danish), which are the best selling meditation albums in Denmark. The meditations are accompanied by Henning Flintholms music and sounds from nature. The first cd is also available in Swedish.

The CD Tantra Touch is for couples who want to regain closeness and get the spark back.


[Sample - "Højere Selv"]1:10







Den Blå Engel 


The CD includes an intro, two guided tantra experiences and music to continue the session on your own.  Regain the closeness in your relationship and find the spark again. A booklet, 12 pages, is included.


[Sample -"Tid til hinanden, hjerter der mødes"] 2:47


[Sample -"Hjerte mod hjerte, elskende hænder"] 1:12






BOOK: THE BLUE ANGEL – and 9 other encounters with the Higher Self

I have written and published this book, which is based on ten different peoples experiences with the sessions. They describe their lives and the transformations and changes that took place during and after their sessions. By reading the book you learn what it feels like to go through the session, to re-live childhood memories or past life times, or other themes that may
show up and how the Higher self is able to guide, support and heal during
the process.

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